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I'm a Textile Design student at Leeds University, specialising in Constructed Textiles. Doing a Year in Industry at the moment. I'm particularly fond of knitting but I'd like to consider myself a Jack of all trades (master of something, hopefully). Here I present a ongoing record of what I'm doing. Happy browsing!


Some people use online services to have their photos woven or knit, using computer looms and knitting machines just like printers.

This ‪Glitchaus‬ blanket series turns that idea inside out by using the picture image data itself as the motif:


JPG Data Knit Series

Shown here in blue, light blue, red and yellow, the motif for this unique knit blanket was created from the data of an image file, a process conceived by J.Donaldson in 2011.

These modern design blankets are machine knit at a 1:1 pixel to stitch ratio and are available in six different colour combinations.

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Design by J.Donaldson

Year in Industry: 18-19/9/14

I finished off the sweatshirt from last week, attaching the new sleeves using the overlocker. I started work on another sleeve but when I tried to set up the G-carriage for the cuff of the second sleeve, the power plug in the carriage somehow fell into the carriage. We tried with dismay to get it out and to open the carriage up. 

Friday, I worked from home. I was looking into London Fashion Week and the knitwear that was on show. I used to look through the catwalk shows, which took a long time. i noted down collections with knit garments and picked a few of the most notable ones. I wrote a short post about the knitwear and collected a image from each label. I’ve emailed this to be posted later

Year in industry : 11-11/9/14

I continued with the blanket from last week, knitting two more panels for it . The pieces were all linked together. I also started knitting some sleeves. We have a lot of plain sweatshirts, which Katie suggested we could knit some patterned sleeves for. Had a trickier time figuring out the pattern as the amount rows to increase on didn’t work out to being a round numbers. I asked Valpuri for some help with that . While knitting, I ended up changing the amounts of decreases, which I have noted down. I managed to knit and sew one new sleeve to the sweatshirt .

Tuck stitch detail

Tuck stitch detail

Year in Industry: 4-5/9/14

I spent Thursday working form home doing some research. I looked into some trend forecasting, Bauhaus and knit homeware. I used WGSN to look into some trends for Spring Summer 2015, making note of any that are relevant to the style of the company. I looked into some colour forecasting, which will inform the next yarn purchase for the company. We’ve been looking into knitting some homeware, such as cushions and blankets, so I looked into this as well. I used a different site to look for interiors trends for next year. 

On Friday, I finished off the hood snood which I started a few weeks ago. I knit a trim and linked it together. Valpuri gave me a new project to knit a blanket, either to wear or as a homeware piece. I managed to knit a panel using the whole needle bed. Judging by its size, I’ll need to knit two more and link them together. I picked a punchcard with short floats so that lining isn’t necessary.

Make it in Design Summer School Brief 3 - Intricate Chaos

Advanced Track

Taking inspiration from my Patterns and Culture module last year, I started off creating geometric patterns using simple grids and shapes as the basis for it.  I used Islamic decorative arts as a influence, playing around with line placement. I layered the pattern over one of my watercolours from the first brief to add some subtle texture. It works very well as a repeat as it looks a lot like rolling waves once put into repeat. 

Year in Industry: 28-29/8/14

Admin day! We did a stock take to prepare for setting up the online shop. Mostly typing things up into a excel spreadsheet and seeing which products had images. Other fun things on Thursday were the fun trip the the furniture graveyard to pick up two new chairs and we picked up some white paper for product photography.

We set up the paper to us as a background for the garments and accessories. I used the SLR to take some product photos, arranging them accordingly. Also took some measurements for the garments to use in the product descriptions. 

Make it in Design Summer School Brief 2 - Tribal Collage

Advanced track

Found this brief a bit difficult as I wanted to do something that wasn’t too typical of tribal pattern, yet which wasn’t unrecognisable. I morked with layering to create texture, as well as using some more unusual idea (making animal print look more like repeat tribal patterns)

I prefer the less overcomplicated tribal inspired designs, although the brief suggested mixing and clashing patterns.