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I'm a Textile Design student at Leeds University, specialising in Constructed Textiles. Doing a Year in Industry at the moment. I'm particularly fond of knitting but I'd like to consider myself a Jack of all trades (master of something, hopefully). Here I present a ongoing record of what I'm doing. Happy browsing!

Year in Industry: 15/8/14

I finished off the hood snood from last week today. Just a case of knitting a cord and weaving in some ends. I also managed to make another hood snood, fully finished. Refined the process a bit more more. I used the G-carriage to do some rib trim, while I used another machine to knit the cord. Takes some practice to make good use of my time. I used the same pattern but a different yarn. Overall, the hood snood turned out well. It wasn’t hard to link it all together in the end. I tend to mark the pieces at halfway and quarter points to ensure the pieces are linked together evenly. 

Make it in Design Summer School Brief No.1 

Advanced Track - Water rays

I went for more of the waves motif rather than swirls. Tried to keep it somewhat abstract while still making it recognisable. The mock up features some of the variations in the design, with the bottom left design being the one I submitted as my finals. Couldn’t decide whether I liked the extra background texture or not.

Year in Industry: 7-8/8/14

Working on that hood snood again. Had to figure out how to knit it on a different machine. Had to figure out the ins and outs of the punchcard settings and then figure out the gauge for the hood snood. Took a lot of work because the original pattern didn’t translate over exactly, so certain parts had to be knitted separately. Took a while to do but the result was good. Going to make some more with some different yarns and punchcard patterns. Played around more with the G-carriage, mostly trying to out its strengths and limitations. 


Knitted Grecian Dress “Taivas”. Merino and Geelong wool. Available at the Altricham Market this Sunday 3rd August.


How exciting is this?! Amy got our Garter Carriage working. I’m so excited!

Year in Industry: 31/7/14 & 1/8/14

I managed to finish knitting all the pieces of the dress. Had some issues with the finishing of the dress. The iron melted some strange stuff onto the knit, which we had to wash off and the linking was very fiddly. Work on it continued on the Friday and it was finally complete after some small problems had to be fixed (pointelle holes and linking trouble). Pleased with the final result.

Was going to try making a hood snood but we had some issues with the brother knitting machine not properly continuing the fairisle pattern. The idea is to cast off the bit that would have been knit as a plain part and do that afterwards.

Finished off the duffle bags with some rope. Eyelet issues with them, which meant that one bag had to be re-eyeletted (if that is the term). Photos were taken, posts were made. 

In other exciting news, we got the G-Carriage working. After finding it amongst other knitting equipment we had, I thought it would be good to see what it could do. Turns out, it’s actually the best thing since sliced bread. It knits back and forth on its own, does purl and knit and can cast off. It’s like a extra member of the team. It has been christened Rob.

Year in Industry: 25/7/14

The work continues on the dress. I finished off writing the pattern and started work on it. Later on, the whole gang did some labelling work for the stock. I managed to make the front of the dress and start the back. Also had a nice picnic. Fun all round.

Doing the Make it in Design Summer School course (Advanced Track). Brief 1 is based on the water trend. Just experimenting with some wave inspired motifs. Nice to have a brief to work to. Just trying to get the composition right.

Year in industry: 17-18/7/14

Trying to do more days a week, generally more productive that way. The day started with labelling some stock. I worked with Valpuri to sew on labels and attach tags. A bit of ironing was needed. Rest of the day was spent finishing off the dress I started last time I was in the studio. Finished the shoulders for the back pieces and I did the neck trim for the front and back. This involved hooking the neck back onto the machine and doing a new technique, Carapace (sp?), which involved picking up stitches to create a slight gather along the neck trim.

Next day, I carried on with the dress. I started to make the sleeve bands by hooking the sleeve edge on and knitting but the end result wasn’t that nice. Valpuri suggested knitting them separately and using the linker to attach them on. First time using the linker and I found it easy to use. Bit like a sewing machine in the way it’s operated and it creates a much nicer end product. Once all linked together, I pressed the dress and threaded the ribbon through. Proud of the final result. Really could do with taking photos of more of my stuff. Valpuri suggested I design another dress, so drawing from a sample I did in year one of uni, I thought the same style of dress but with a gradient in the middle would work well. I knitting a sample with some yarns I chose, measured the gauge and worked out the dimensions, using the previous dress’ pattern as the basis for it. Still need to finish writing it up but once done, I can start on it next week. Yippie!